Submitter: Grant provided by The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic

    Realization Period: April – December 2010

    Contact Person: Karel Čada

    Project Description
    A Sociological Research Aimed at the Analysis of Forms and Causes of the Segregation of Children, Pupils and Young People Originating from Socio-culturally Disadvantaging Background has confirmed that there exist disparities between educational trajectories of Roma and other pupils.

    The current project focuses on one of the key moments that increase or decrease one's opportunities: the transition from elementary to secondary education. Its goal is to undertake a pilot analysis, to create and evaluate a methodology so that it can be employed on a larger scale by educational institutions, and to inform general and expert public.

    Key Activities

    1. Document analysis.
    2. Semi-structured Interviews.
    3. Quantitative and qualitative data analysis.
    4. Final report.
    5. News conference.

    Further information
    The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic.



    Submitter: Nadace rozvoje občanské společnosti

    Realization Period: January - April 2010

    Contact Person: Jiří Chvátal

    Project Description
    Long-term collection project Help the Children! focuses on improving children's lives, supporting equal opportunities of various categories of disadvantaged or endangered children, and on functioning of alternative family models. It was inspired by the well-known and successful BBC Children in Need appeal. Nowadays, Help the Children!, which is organized together with the national television station Czech TV, is the best-known and one of the largest charity campaigns in the Czech Republic.

    The aim of the order was to analyse project's eleven-year long history and to propose its possible transformation in accordance with the principles on which it is based and in agreement with the public expectation.

    Key Activities

    1. Quantitative and qualitative data analysis.
    2. Electronic survey of former and potential applicants.
    3. Final report.

    Further information
    Nadace rozvoje občanské společnosti.



    Submitter: The Government of the Czech republic

    Realization Period: September - December 2009

    Contact Person: Karel Čada

    Project Description
    The submission of this project results from the decision of the government No. 8 dated 4th January 2006, whereby the government commits itself to measure the effectiveness and usefulness of spending means for Roma citizens' integration regularly, systematically and on the long-term basis. The goal of the research was to map the situation of social exclusion in five Czech cities and one region, where the Agency for Social Integration in Roma Localities appeals: Ústí nad Labem, Most, Cheb, Broumov, Šluknov region.

    The research aimed mainly at a mapping of the key realms: education, labour market and living. Additionally were investigated: other coincident phenomena of social exclusion such as crime or delinquency, policies of the municipal governments in the given realm and by them used integration tools or the availability of services for people living in the social exclusion.

    Key Activities

    1. A monthly field data collection in the target localities: qualitative interviews with a broad variety of local participants, quantitative indicators, observation.
    2. Quantitative research of opinions and attitudes of citizens living near the socially excluded localities executed by the company Factum Invenio.
    3. Data analysis.
    4. Final report and final reports for all single mapped localities.
    5. Final Conference.

    Further Information
    The Inter-Ministerial Commission for Roma Community Affairs.



    Project realized in the scope of structural funds, concretely Operational Programme Education For Competitiveness in the period 1st December 2008 – 31st January 2011.

    Total volume of financial means makes 6.576.990,- Czech crowns.

    Contact Person: Eva Bělinová

    Project Description
    Through the acceptance of the Framework Educational Programme were in our state established conditions for change of existing system of the primary education. Its implementation practically still doesn’t bring expected advancements. The project proposes to contribute to an increase of quality of the primary education by creating a working educational material which enables implementing of new teaching methods in the scope of an intersubject structure into the education. It will create a space for cooperation and exchange of experience in the field of verification of the new methods among teachers and pupils of the nursery and primary school in Nečín (beneficiary of the project), the primary school Kamýk nad Vltavou and the primary school Nový Knín (partners), respectively of other primary schools in the Central Bohemia Region, through the medium of an internet portal. It will further verify practical methods of education for sustainable development. It targets at the countryside environs, where the access of the schools to such kinds of projects is very limited.

    The company GAC participates in the realization of the project through the project manager Eva Bělinová, who, at the same time, by means of wageless consultations closely cooperated in the phase of preparing the project application.

    The goals of project are:

    1. Implementing of new teaching methods with an emphasis on intersubject structures into the education at 3 primary schools, increasing an active participation of the pupils in their own education, creating a new educational material (portal) which makes implementation of these methods easier. The output of the project will be an education enriched by new methods in the field of environmental education and an information portal containing methods, inspiration and examples of the best praxis of realized educational activities.
    2. Initiation of the education in the scope of an intersubject structures through en integrated portal image.
    3. new methods of work leading to sustainable development and seminars for teachers about innovatory ways of work in the field of environmental education, project will further enable pupils to become participants of small changes in the environment surrounding their schools and homes.
    4. development of partnership among primary schools through the internet.

    Key activities

    1. Creating the portal "Environmental element".
    2. Realization of new educational methods and creation of stories – examples of the best praxis.
    3. Activity of supporting expert team.
    4. Creating final outputs.
    5. Project management.

    Further Information
    Place For a Living.



    Project realized in the scope of structural funds, concretely the Prague Adaptability Operational Programme in the period 1st December 2008 – 31st May 2011.

    Total volume of financial means makes 5.489.986,- Czech crowns.

    Contact Person: Eva Bělinová

    Project Description
    The primary school Prague 10, Olešská belongs among common Prague primary schools with the highest number of children-foreigners. At this school is educated pupils from different parts of the world who often come with no knowledge of the Czech language, they don’t know Latin type face, and they are not able to communicate with their teachers or schoolmates. Poor knowledge of the Czech language influences their achievements in other subjects, too.

    Researches in the long term show, that the knowledge of language is the fundamental presumption for integration of foreigners into the Czech society. In the integration process play an important role mainly the children, who are thanks to their school attendance in a primary school in everyday contact with the Czech language and the surrounding. Subsequently they mediate this experience to their families. But the school attendance of the children-foreigners, who dispose of only minimal knowledge of the Czech language, in the common classes complicates, according to some parents of the Czech pupils, the common class work.

    The primary school Prague 10, Olešská is concerned in offering a sufficient opportunity for getting to know for both Czech children and children of the foreigners. Therefore, since 2007 the headmistress has devoted her, together with a representative of GAC, to working-out the project aimed at establishing a new system of the Czech language education beyond common curriculum to let the children of foreigners participate in the common lessons with a particular basic knowledge of the Czech language. Working-out of the project application meant for GAC an opportunity to put into practice some findings from so far realized researches aimed at the situation of the foreigners in the Czech republic.

    Merits of the project are the combination of standard school attendance of the child-foreigner in a common primary school with a very intensive everyday language developing without his or her class. This language developing will be supported by language assistants – university students – and by language trips of the children-foreigners outside of Prague. The education proceeds in the system of performance groups (beginners, pre-intermediate, advanced). The groups are freely permeable, therefore for example younger children, who learn faster, have a real chance to "catch up" with their class after a years’ participation in the project.

    The goals of the project are:

    1. Systematization and upgrading of the Czech language education for the children-foreigners in all grades at the primary school, which will contribute to the equalization of these children in the access to further education and in access to the labour market in the Czech republic.
    2. Inclusion of the adequately prepared children-foreigners in the educational process at a common state primary school.
    3. further education of pedagogues and their support in form of supervision of purpose to upgrade their teaching procedures and to reinforce the multicultural setting at the primary school.
    4. creating an educational plan of the Czech language for the children-foreigners, which would be applicable at every other primary school and which will be the presumption for increasing language competences of these children and a step towards their integration to the Czech society.

    Key activities

    1. Management of the project.
    2. Preparing realization of the project in the field of education and creating an educational plan.
    3. Education in the Czech language for the children-foreigners.
    4. Education of the teaching staff of the primary school Prague 10, Olešská.

    Further information
    ZŠ Olešská


    The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic has released the English translation of complete outcomes of GAC's research project called "Sociological Research Aimed at the Analysis of the Image and Causes of Segregation of Children, Pupils and Young People from the Socially and Culturally Disadvantaging Environment". The aim of this study which was realized in 2008 is to present a comprehensive depiction of educational trajectories and chances of Roma pupils descending from the socially disadvantaging environment ..more info

    V časopisu Kritické listy č. 39/2010 vyšel článek Evy Bělinové "", který infromuje o aktivitách projektu "ZŠ Olešská – šance zvládnout český jazyk pro děti cizinců" (projekt CZ.2.17/3.1.00/31002 financovaný prostřednictvím OPPA), v němž GAC spol. s r. o. zajišťuje management. ..more info

    Reakce na text Ivana Veselého
    Dne 16. března zveřejnil místopředseda Rady vlády pro záležitosti romské komunity a předseda sdružení Dženo Ivan Veselý text "Reflexe Agentury pro sociální začleňování v romských lokalitách" (k přečtení ). Reakci Ivan Gabal & Consulting naleznete . ..more info

    Dne 26. února 2010 byla zveřejněna kritická analýza vyjednávání o protiraketové obraně mezi Spojenými státy americkými a Českou republikou pod názvem Analýza je výsledkem spolupráce Ivan Gabal Analysis & Consulting a Prague Security Studies Institute. ..more info

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    MPSV mapuje sociálně vyloučené lokality v České republice
    Ministerstvo práce a sociálních věcí informovalo ve své o aktualizaci mapy sociálně vyloučených lokalit v České republice. Projekt poskytne přehled o oblastech, ve kterých jsou lidé nejvíce ohroženi chudobou, a následně bude moci lépe zacílit použití finanční pomoci. Analýzu zpracovává společnost GAC, spol. s.r.o. ve spolupráci s odborníky z Univerzity Karlovy.  ... more info

    Dětské čtenářství
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    Představení projektu
    V pořadu České televize Dokážete víc byl představem projekt "ZŠ Olešská - Šance zvládnout český jazyk pro děti cizinců" (OPPA, CZ.2.17/3.1.00/31002), jemuž naše společnost zajišťuje management. Záznam celého pořadu můžete shlédnout .... more info

    V časopisu Kritické listy č. 38/2010 vyšel Evy Zirhutové "Místo pro život", který infromuje o aktivitách projektu "" (projekt CZ.1.07/1.1.06/01.0010 realizovaný v rámci globálního grantu středočeského kraje v OPVK), v němž GAC spol. s r. o. zajišťuje management.... more info

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